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My Inspiration

I'm an artist that seeks out a fresh view on life. We're bombarded every day with images, advertising and slogans that are open to my "special treatment". Famous people in the public eye, especially historical ones, are prime subjects to combine with current commercial brand icons. It demonstrates timelessness and our own fascination in their lifestyle; how they would find the world, how it has evolved and how they would cope with today's social media "noise".

I hand draw or photograph the images I use so having complete control on how they are represented. 

Key Ingredients

Spray Paint Cans

Spray Paint

I use Montana Gold Spray Paint which is quick drying and comes in bold, brilliant, opaque shades. Ideal with my hand crafted stencils. It gives a lightfast and and durable finish. 


Screen Printing

Regional tourism and rail posters were screen printed in the 60's and were simple, iconic and colourful. I've adopted and adapted this method to produce limited edition runs.

Oil Paint

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a beautiful bold medium to use. Texturally, it is wonderful; it dries quickly, is water based, layers well, and if you don't like what you've created, just paint over it and start again.

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